Open, Transparent and Merit-Based Recruitment Policy (OTM-R)

In order to promote the development of research excellence at UNamur, it is essential to have a quality recruitment procedure for researchers and to support them throughout their careers. This concern is reflected in the values carried by the university: attractiveness, agility and welcome.

Since 2012, UNamur has been committed to the process of human resources management by adhering to the 40 principles of the European Charter for Researchers and the European Union Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. After an analysis of the institution's shortcomings with regard to the 40 principles, UNamur proposed an action plan in consultation with the researchers and administrative staff involved. These action plans are regularly evaluated and updated to remain in line with the needs expressed thanks to the work of UNamur's Euraxess steering committee.

The Rectoral Policy Statement (DPR) for 2017-2021 was approved in June 2018, it supports eight priority axes for the university, one of which is directly linked to all staff. This new policy includes the HRS4R process as a cross-cutting theme in its guidelines and promotes an open, transparent and merit-based recruitment policy (OTM-R procedure). The aim of this OTM-R policy is therefore :

  • To improve the information needed to establish good recruitment conditions,
  • To encourage researchers to develop and use egalitarian recruitment procedures,
  • And to formalize UNamur's OTM-R policy through the actions presented in the HRS4R action plan.

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