Faculty of Educational and Training Sciences


The University of Namur has created a 7th Faculty: the Faculty of Education and Training Sciences (FaSEF).

Designed to host teacher training programmes as part of the reform of the initial teacher training, the FaSEF brings together researchers and educationalists to promote teacher training, support ands research in educational sciences.

At a time when the web is providing pupils and students with resources, and social networks are providing a forum for life and exchange, the opening of a Faculty of Educational and Training Sciences reflects an awareness of the societal issues to be addressed in the coming decade.  

The aim is to make a lasting investment in facilitating access to information and knowledge, as well as putting it into perspective through a critical approach, supported and accompanied by trainers and teachers.

An original faculty

The FaSEF is the first Faculty in Belgium to be mainly dedicated to initial and in-service training programmes for teachers, teaching managers and trainers in various professional sectors. It is open to all disciplines related to the world of education and training.

Drawing on the resources developed over the past 35 years within the Department of Education and Technology (DET), it is characterised by its integration of services dedicated to the UNamur university community (students and teachers). All members share the conviction that teaching, research and services are closely linked and mutually enriching in an academic context.

Initial teacher training

  •     Section 1 bachelor's degree in teaching
  •     Section 2 bachelor's degree in teaching
  •     Section 3 bachelor's degrees in teaching
  •     Bachelor's degree in music teaching
  •     Master's degree in teaching / Agrégation de l'enseignement supérieur - AESS

Advanced Masters

  •     Master of specialisation in teacher training (MSFE)
  •     Master of specialisation in support for professionals (MAPEMASS)
  •     Master of specialisation in university teaching
  •     The Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude appropriate to Higher Education (CAPAES)


  •     Certificate in academic and social support
  •     Certificate in school language and differentiation


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IRDENa Institute


The UNamur Institute for Research in Didactics and Education (IRDENa) is interested in education as a research subject. Its researchers examine the changes and innovations that are shaking up school and training systems, as well as the roles, identities and training systems of those involved in education. The question of how learning environments are changing raises questions about the organisational, pedagogical and didactic conditions that are conducive to such learning and to the professional development of the education players who design, develop and evaluate it.  Find out more about IRDENa here (in French)...