The Faculty of Education and Training Sciences (FaSEF)is designed to host teacher training programs as part of the reform of initial teacher training. It brings together researchers and educationalists to promote teacher training and support, as well as research in the educational sciences.

Inauguration of FASEF

The new Faculty of Education and Training Sciences at UNamur was inaugurated on April 24, 2024, during a day-long event attended by numerous players in the sector. A look back at this historic day, marking the opening of the 7th Faculty at the University of Namur.

Inauguration de la FASEF

An original faculty

The FaSEF is the first faculty in Belgium to be primarily dedicated to initial and continuing training programs for teachers, teaching executives as well as trainers in various professional sectors. It is open to all disciplines related to the world of education and training.

In a context where the web provides resources for pupils and students, where social networks are spaces for life and exchange, the opening of a Faculty of Education and Training Sciences testifies to an awareness of the societal issues to be encountered in the coming decade. The University of Namur is determined to make a lasting investment in facilitating access to information and knowledge, as well as putting them into perspective in a critical approach, supported and accompanied by trainers and teachers.

Based in particular on the resources developed over 35 years within the Education and Technology Department (DET), it is characterized by its integration of services dedicated to the UNamur university community (students and teachers). All members share the conviction that teaching, research and services maintain close links and mutually enrich each other in an academic context.

The studies

Do you dream of inspiring curious minds and passing on your knowledge to future generations? Welcome to the Faculty of Education and Training Sciences, the first Faculty in Belgium to be specifically dedicated to teacher training!

Education et formation étude

Integrated services

The Faculty of Education and Training Sciences (FaSEF) offers services related to the proposed fields of study.

Formation d'enseignants


Research is centered on the Unité de Recherche en Sciences de l'Éducation et de la Formation (URSEF). It constitutes a dynamic gathering of researchers within the Faculty of Education and Training Sciences (FaSEF). These researchers are also affiliated with the Institut de Recherche en Didactique et Education de l'UNamur (IRDENa)

Assistante avec élèves


CEFOPEF is a CEntre de FOrmation pour les Enseignants et les Formateurs in the field of teaching and support. Composed of teacher-researchers in the field of education, it is directed by Sandrine Biémar.

Membres en formation


The Faculty of Education and Training Sciences (FaSEF) is steered by various consultative and decision-making bodies.