Euraxess - Researchers in motion

A unique paneuropean initiative to provide information and support to professional researchers. Backed by the European Union, member states and associated countries, it supports researcher mobility and career development, while enhancing scientific collaboration between Europe and the world. EURAXESS is also your gateway to Science4Refugees, a Commission's initiative helping refugee researchers find suitable jobs in today's challenging research landscape.



What are the objectives pursued by Euraxess at the European level?

The Euraxess programme aims to increase the attractiveness of Europe for researchers. A project in which our University has been involved since 2012. This European initiative aims to :

  • promote and facilitate the mobility of researchers;
  • help researchers develop their careers;
  • to optimise collaboration between Europe and the world;
  • help researchers refugees to find a job in Europe.

The 4 axes of Euraxess 

Euraxess Rights
Euraxess Services
The European Charter for Researchers and the Recruitment Code to inform researchers, universities and funders of their rights and obligations

Information and administrative assistance for the mobility of the researcher and his/her family (housing, insurance, creche, school, jobs)

On-line training courses

Euraxess Jobs
Euraxess Links
Online platform of job postings and funding opportunities for researchers Network of European researchers based outside Europe

Euraxess at UNamur

The Euraxess program was initiated in our University in 2012 in a continuous improvement process in order to guarantee the quality of the services in place, but also to encourage the researchers' mobility.

It is the Euraxess steering committee that coordinates UNamur's commitment to the European Charter for Researchers and the Researchers' Recruitment Code. This unique document includes 40 principles that must apply to researchers, UNamur and funders. It sets the rights and obligations of each party.

The Euraxess steering committee works in close collaboration with the HR services, the Research Administration (ADRE) and the International Relations Services (SRI)


The Quality Department is in charge of the daily work of the Euraxess steering committee.



See also the assessment process, the action plans and the people involved.




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