Euraxess - Researchers in motion

A unique paneuropean initiative to provide information and support to professional researchers


Since 2010, UNamur is involved in the Euraxess programme, which aims at making Europe more attractive for researchers, to promote and facilitate researchers' mobility, their carreer development and to optimize collaborations with the rest of the world.

The Euraxess unit is in charge of implementing the UNamur commitment towards the regulations: the European Charter for Researchers, which defines the researchers' rights and obligations, and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers, which defines the legal framework the employer and funding institutions have to respect.

Contact : Business & Learning Center | | Rue Godefroid, 5 - 5000 Namur

The Euraxess goals

The aim is to check if the UNamur research policy and the ongoing actions comply with the european regulations, then to define a strategic plan to ease potential deficiencies.  This audit must be achieved with all the relevant actors: researchers, HR & training managers, research managers as well as the different academic & scientific representative bodies.  The principles are manifold: to improve the researchers' working environment & encourage mobility, and to support trasparency in the management and the university governance.

Work is advanced and the European Commission awarded the UNamur the "HR Excellence in Research" label in 2013. As it is a continuous quality process, the objectives are checked over a period of 3 years.  An autoevaluation confirmed the label in 2016 and an external evaluation by European experts is scheduled in March 2020.

The Euraxess team is at the service of researchers to provide an enabling environment for research and contributes to the Human resources Strategy for Researchers (HRS4R).

The Euraxess structure

  • Euraxess Jobs: an online platform with job offers and funding opportunities for researchers
  • Euraxess Services: a European mobility center in charge of informing researchers and their family about the administrative procedures to manage their arrival in the host country
  • Euraxess Rights: The Charter and the Code, which inform the researchers and the funding institutions about their rights and obligations
  • Euraxess Links: Network of European researchers living outside of Europe.