International relations at the University of Namur

The international dimension is omnipresent in our academic activities and has become a major issue in the university’s long-term policies.

InternationalThe high quality of its teaching and research has ensured UNamur a growing international reputation and has enabled it to conclude many cooperation agreements as well as to develop partnerships and exchange programmes involving students, researchers and professors from all over Europe and beyond.

In its international policy, UNamur pays special attention to cultural diversity and it invests heavily in development programmes. Significant budgets and human resources have been made available to make the stay of foreign guests and students both pleasant and fruitful.

  • the conciller for the international development at UNamur, Jeroen Darquennes
  • the coordinator of the International Relation's Service, Henrich Brunke, and his team, Henrich Brunke
  • the UNamur’s representative at the CCD programmes (“Coopération au développement”), Patrick Kestemont
  • the service « Euraxess Rights » is in charge of implementing the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers - contact
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