Research at the University of Namur

Numerous research entities are active at the UNamur. They group Belgian and foreign academic, scientific, administrative and technical staff, all of them sharing a passion for research.

A few research-related figures...

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The research landscape

Recently updated, the UNamur research landscape harbours 11 transdisciplinary research institutes.  Research activities lean on state-of-the-art scientific equipment grouped in 8 technology platforms.  Researchers develop inter- and transdisciplinary projects implying fundamental as well as applied research.  Their expertise covers numerous fields.

NARCThe NARC (NAmur Research College) complements this landscape by following a double goal: to offer an optimal research environment for young researchers and to ensure the visibility of outstanding researchers inside and outside the UNamur.


The Board of Directors, with the guidance of the Research Council, defines the UNamur research strategy.  

Excellence in research logoThe UNamur aims at excellence and maintains the appropriate balance between fundamental and applied research.  Special attention is given to the training of Ph.D. students and to researchers’ mobility, for they are the key links of the university network.  The Euraxess unit is in charge of implementing the rules of the European Charter for researchers.


The ADRE (Research administration)

Banner ADREThe team

From the building up of a project to commercialisation, from IP protection to technology transfer and development, the ADRE team offers strategic, administrative, legal support to the principal investigaqtors and helps them promote their research.  Get the ADRE contact brochure.