Ethics of dual use

The UNamur Board of Directors officially created, in its meeting of 13/12/2019, the "dual-use" ethics committee as a local advisory body on the ethical aspects of all "dual-use items", be they hardware, technology or software.


The SPW guidelines on this matter are detailed in the document «guidelines».

It is up to researchers to consider the potential risks of using their research for prohibited activities by third parties. The following decision tree can guide researchers in this regard.

Dual use

If a derogation seems necessary, the form concerning "dual-use" ethics, duly completed, must be sent by email to the Vice-Rector for Research. After analysis, the ethics committee decides whether the file falls under this legislation. In this case, the Vice-Rector for Research transmits the file to the SPW.

Composition of the committee

The two membres of UNamur sitting on the committee of the Vice-Rector for research, C. MICHIELS, and V. FLOHIMONT, as legal advisor.


Forms to be submitted to the «dual use» ethics committee.