Fight against plagiarism at UNamur: striving for excellence in Teaching and Research

affiche-ane-pa.pngPlagiarism is an issue that which concerns all of us, regardless of our place status atin the university (student, researcher, assistant or academic). It is neither ethical nor professional, and it goes against the values that UNamur wants to convey: intellectual rigor, respect for the work of others, quality of information, and conduct with integrity in the behaviour…

The abundance of profiles and causes of plagiarism clearly shows how complex and difficult the problem is for all those confronted with plagiarism.

This is why it is especially important to talk about it with your students at the very beginning of the academic year and before any written assignment…  and to talk about it either in seminars to alert your peers or before your Faculty Council with your colleagues in order to reach a « common policy » to fight plagiarism!  

A campaign against plagiarism is launched on campus on the occasion of the International Intellectual Property Day on 26 April 2021, in order to educate students, researchers and teachers on the concept of plagiarism and its implications.

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