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Double Diplôme KU Leuven

Why study at KU Leuven?

KU Leuven ( is a prestigious university, often mentioned as one of the top Belgian universities in academic rankings. It is also an international community where innovative information systems research forms the basis of the academic programmes.

Degrees awarded

Master of Science in Business and Information Systems Engineering - KU Leuven, België

Master en ingénieur de gestion - Université de Namur, Belgique


  • Same requirements as for the Master in Business Engineering
  • Selection based upon academic achievements, knowledge of Dutch (B2 Level or at least 14/20 in the 3rd Bachelor) and motivation letter (one A4 page)
  • Obtaining all credits of the bachelor programme, at the latest during the third exam period (September) of the academic year in which the selection takes place
  • KU Leuven and Université de Namur do not require distinction, but your grade may play a role in the selection if numerous students apply

Application procedure

Students can apply as of the beginning of the first master at the UNamur via mail to the business engineering program director (Prof. Corentin Burnay) and the double degree coordinator (Prof. Anthony Simonofski). Students will be expected to explain their motivation to engage in the double degree program as well as proof that they meet the above-mentioned entry requirements.

The application deadline is 30/09. The results of nomination will be announced in the following weeks. The students will then be expected to enrol in KU Leuven before the end of Q1 of the first year.

Master’s Thesis

Student will write only write one master thesis for both institutions. In year one, the student follows the standard procedure for the allocation of the Master’s thesis topics during year 1 in UNamur.


In year one, the student follows the standard procedure for the allocation of the Master’s thesis subjects during year 1, i.e they select three topics of interest. Additionally, they submit a 4th topic in which the student clearly mentions that he/she will be following the double degree program, e.g. « Mémoire réalisé dans le cadre du double diplôme ». Thereafter, a discussion with the double degree coordinator (Prof. Anthony Simonofski) will ensure a match between the topic chosen and the promotors’ expertise in KU Leuven.


Program Structure

In year 1, student will follow the regular UNamur program (either in “Data Science” or in the “Analytics and Digital Business” major) with only two modifications:

-         Students will follow the course “Télécommunication et reseaux” and a language course (English or Dutch).

-         Students will not follow the course “Projet en Data Analytics”


In year 2 students will follow the KU Leuven program described in the table below. Students will not follow an internship in Year 2. The details of the courses can be found on the KU Leuven website (,0101,0102,02)



Courses Year 2 (KU Leuven)


ICT Service Management


Architecture and modelling of management information systems


Geavanceerd databasemanagement en content management / Advanced Database Management en Content Management


Software-architecturen voor collaboratieve systemen / Software Architectures for Collaborative Systems


Strategisch management / Strategic Management


Operations Strategy in Manufacturing and Services


Applications of Operations Research


Toepassingen van Operationeel Onderzoek / Applications of Statistics


Masterproef / Master’s Thesis