"Teaching is an essential element in structuring and disseminating knowledge and should therefore be considered as a valuable option in the career path of researchers. Nevertheless, the responsibilities as a teacher should not be excessive.
and should not prevent researchers, especially at the beginning of their careers, from carrying out their research activities. Employers and/or funders should ensure that teaching duties are adequately remunerated and taken into account in evaluation systems, and that the time spent by experienced staff members on the training of early-career researchers should be taken into account as part of their teaching load. Appropriate training should be available for teaching and training activities as an integral part of the professional development of researchers". (extract from the Charter for European researchers)



  • Coaching on pedagogy for assistants upon request;
  • Pedagogy module integrated into the U2ES cross-curricular training catalogue.
  • Fitting-out of premises for innovative pedagogy in a building undergoing renovation (abandonment);
  • Creation of a catalogue of training courses in pedagogy for assistants.
  • Special trainings for teaching assistants
  • Time Management training for PhDs

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