Welcome at the University of Namur !

The University of Namur (UNamur) is pleased to welcome you to this website, which will help you to learn about the university’s objectives and all aspects of life at our university, the services that it intends to provide in our society; more concretely, you will discover the men and women that work there, their educational and research programmes, as well as the events that mark the life of the university.

University in the French speaking community of Belgium, the UNamur’s main objective is to “train students and researchers as responsible actors in society” [1]; and, since its foundation in 1831 by the Society of Jesus, it payNaji Habras particular attention to the quality of the education it provides. The objective is to train men and women who, of course, are skilled in their discipline, but who also have interdisciplinary experience, are open to questions of  conscience, sensitive to the fundamental problems that challenge our contemporaries, and can fully assume their responsibilities at the heart of society, on the horizon of our vast world!

The mission of every university is, not only to diffuse knowledge, but also produce new knowledge, which requires providing an essential place for research. Our laboratories and research centres aim to develop quality projects, by resolutely joining collaboration networks at the national and international levels. Whether this research is fundamental or more oriented, it is “meticulous in taking into account the human and social dimensions of science and technology” [1].

The knowledge developed at the university does not have the objective of remaining locked away, but on the contrary is to be used to serve society. This is how our university in Namur proactively integrates into its local and regional environment and shows itself to be concerned with satisfying the many requests it receives from public and private organisms, associations, and from many political, social, economic, and cultural actors.

UNamur takes many initiatives showing its international openness. Thus, the institution welcomes foreign students and researchers; it ensures the mobility of students and researchers in the European framework of the “Bologna Declaration” and also beyond the frontiers of our old continent; it undertakes university and scientific collaborations at the planetary scale; lastly, it participates, with its professors and researchers, in university cooperation in development. Unceasingly, all these actions open the horizons of the whole university community to make it more attentive to our contemporaries’ major problems, “in particular the inequality of opportunities between individuals and between peoples” [1].

I hope that, by visiting this website, you will discover the richness of our university, its faculties, its research centres, and most of all, the men and women that bring it to life. That this virtual journey will make you want to come to Namur and discover the passion of all of those that constitute the UNamur today!

Naji Habra

[1] Citations from UNamur’s Charter