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2021-2025 - A new team | One rector, six vice-rectors, one general administrator

Annick Castiaux – Rector

Annick Castiaux

Doctor in physics, Annick Castiaux began her career at UNamur as a researcher in physics, at the Solid Physics Laboratory, under the supervision of Jean-Paul Vigneron and thanks to the FNRS. In 1998, she joined the private sector. Become an information management consultant at I.R.I.S. SA, she discovered the functioning of both public and private organizations. A few years later, she returned to UNamur where she was hired as a lecturer in the management department of UNamur to develop the management engineer program and initiate research in innovation management. Since 2002, she has taught technology and innovation management, always integrating a critical questioning of social responsibility and sustainable development. In 2015, Annick Castiaux founded with a few colleagues the Creativity and Innovation Research Center, one of the components of the Namur Digital Institute. Their research leads to the study of innovation ecosystems. In September 2017, she was appointed Vice-Rector in charge of education, quality, digital, communication.

Contact: rectrice@unamur.be - Tel 081/72.40.00
Office #104 Hôtel Orban
Secretariat : secretariat.rectorat@unamur.be

Jeroen Darquennes - Vice-Rector for International Relations and External Relations

Jeroen DarquennesJeroen Darquennes has been Professor of German Linguistics at UNamur since 2008. He was Director of the German Unit between 2011 and 2021 and Director of the Department of Germanic Languages and Literatures between 2012 and 2015. Between 2016 and 2021, he was president of the Namur Institute of Language, Text and Transmediality (NaLTT, created in 2016). In September 2017, he was appointed International Development Officer at UNamur. As academic coordinator of the international relations department, he was part of the team of the Vice-Rector in charge of research policy and international positioning.

Contact : vice-recteur.international@unamur.be - Tel 081/72.41.71 - Office#559 Faculty of Arts

Stéphane Faulkner - Vice-Rector for Digital Transformation and Quality

Stéphane FaulknerStéphane Faulkner has been a professor of information management at the Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management at UNamur since 2004. He served for 3 years as director of the management sciences department and for 11 years, he was responsible for the management engineer programme. Since November 2019, in his capacity as CIO of the university, he has been working on a strategic plan for the redeployment of information systems within the university.

Contact : vice-recteur.numerique@unamur.be | vice-recteur.qualite@unamur.be - Tel 081/72.48.77
Office # 408  Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management

Valérie Flohimont - Vice-rector of human resources, well-being and safety at work

Valérie FlohimontValérie Flohimont holds a doctorate in law from KU Leuven and a psychotherapist specializing in brief strategic therapy. She joined UNamur as an assistant in social law from September 2007. Since 2011, she has been a professor at the Faculty of Law. She was also deputy director of the Fundamental Rights and Social Link research center from January 2008 to August 2011. Then, she became director of the interdisciplinary research center Vulnerabilities and Societies from September 2011 to August 2020. She was also a member of the board of research from September 2015 to August 2021.

Contact : vice-recteur.rh@unamur.be | vice-recteur.bienetre-securite@unamur.be - Tel 081/72.52.45
Office #224 Hôtel Orban

Patrick Foissac - Vice-Rector for Social and Student Affairs, Culture and Gender

Patrick FoissacA Germanist by training, Patrick Foissac has been teaching at UNamur since 2000, when he joined the School of Modern Languages to provide Dutch and English courses in various faculties. After having been a didactic collaborator for several years, he became a Master of Languages in 2005 and focuses on teaching English in the Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management. In 2011, he became First Master of Languages. Along with his teaching load, he is also involved in campus life, offering conversation tables in English and Dutch and organizing activities related to culture and sport (cinema sessions, futsal).

Contact : vice-recteur.etudiants@unamur.be | vice-recteur.culture@unamur.be | vice-recteur.genre@unamur.be
Tel 081/72.52.62 - Office #14 Hôtel Orban - Secretariat : secretariat.vice-rectorat.etudiants@unamur.be

General Administrator


Contact : administrateur.general@unamur.be - Tel 081/72.48.44 - Office # 210 Hôtel Orban

Secretariat : secretariat.administrateur-general@unamur.be

Carine Michiels - Senior Vice-President, Vice-President, Research and Libraries

Carine MichielsCarine Michiels is a PhD and teaching associate in Biological Sciences from UNamur. She is full professor at the Department of Biology and Honorary Research Director of the FNRS. Until her appointment as vice-rector for research, international positioning and libraries in September 2017, she was the president of the NARILIS institute, the academic manager of the master's degree in biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology, and the holder word of the Morph-Im technology platform.

Contact : vice-recteur.recherche@unamur.be - Tel 081/72.55.24 - Office #12 Hotel Orban -

Secretariat: secretariat.vice-rectorat.recherche@unamur.be

Laurent Schumacher - Vice-Rector for Education, Training and Sustainable Development

Laurent SchumacherLaurent Schumacher has been a professor of telecommunications and computer networks at the Faculty of Computer Science since 2003. He has also served two terms as vice-dean of the faculty, from 2012 to 2016 and from 2020 to today. Since the Marcourt decree, Laurent Schumacher has also been involved in the development of IT tools for the administrative management of training.




Contact : vice-recteur.formation@unamur.be | vice-recteur.dd@unamur.be - Tel 081/72.49.80 - Office #221 Faculty of Informatics - Secretariat: secretariat.vice-rectorat.formation@unamur.be

Five challenges to take up

  • To consolidate the position of UNamur in terms of the number of students. Affirm its place and its ambition to pursue growth by developing new authorizations and respecting other players.
  • Improve well-being at work and on campus. Find the human after the Covid and the right balance between face-to-face and distance. We have all been affected, this is a priority for us. On campus, in activities by promoting the further development of infrastructure.
  • Maintain high-quality research, increase visibility and support the networking process of our research institutes in Belgium and abroad.
  • Develop our ability to integrate sustainable development and environmental impact in all our actions, in particular with regard to the building but also and above all in our training, in a manner as transparent and natural as we have integrated the meaning of the ethics and the Human.
  • Continue to develop IT support for the various actions and missions of UNamur.