The UNamur quality approach

Driving force for change and improvement. Since 2013, UNamur has embarked on the implementation of a Quality approach. This approach has undergone various changes since its creation and is gradually being expanded by the implementation of a more global approach and with the help of a multidisciplinary team.

Quality Management is a support for the quality policy in the fields of education, research and in the university services of the Institution.

Its missions are to set up, bring to life and perpetuate the University's Quality Management system by methodologically supporting and accompanying the dynamic of development towards a culture of evaluation and continuous improvement.

Current activities

The Quality unit is involved in teaching as much

  • programmatic evaluations
  • institutional assessment, for the Institution at a more global level:

In Research: 

  • in the management of the Euraxess Label
  • in the management of university rankings

At the Institution, at a more global level as in: 

  • supporting multi-service continuous improvement projects.
  • supporting service self-assessments
  • rankings management
  • inventoring and increasing awareness on SDG's

Composition of the quality unit

The Vice-Rector in charge of the Quality is Professor Stéphane FAULKNER
Since 2019, the Quality department has been under the hierarchical responsibility of the Rectorate Services under the direction of Anne-Sophie OTTO.

The members of the Quality Department are :


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