EURAXESS Steering committee

Everyone is involved in the HRS4R and OTM-R programs: academics, scientists and ATG.

Concretely, the follow-up of HRS4R actions is carried out by the Euraxess steering committee, chaired by the Vice-Rector Research, Prof. Carine Michiels.


  • President: Vice-Rector Research, Prof. Carine Michiels
  • Vice-Rector Human Resources, Prof. Patrick De Coster
  • Vice-Rector Education, Prof. Annick Castiaux
  • Director of Research Administration (ADRE), Christine Culot
  • Director of the Human Resources Department (SRH), Philippe Lizin
  • Academic Representative, Prof. Joseph Winkin
  • Representative of the scientific body, Delphine del Marmol
  • ATG Corps Representative, Catherine Demazy
  • Researcher's Helpdesk, Jean-Paul Léonis
  • Quality Attaché, Jennifer Geerts

The Committee meets four times a year to review progress and discuss new projects.

The Euraxess unit works in close collaboration with the Research Administration (ADRE) and the Human Resources Service (SRH).





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