Our gender policy

UNamur has been fighting against gender-related discrimination since 2011 by setting up the Gender group and then, in 2013, by creating a Vice-Rectorate responsible for developing this policy. Within Naji Habra's rectorial team, Isabelle Parmentier, Vice-Rector, is in charge of Diversity and Gender. The rectorial team intends to assert its desire to maintain voluntary and reasoned policies in this area.

Gender @ UNamurAchievements

Recommendations for inclusive communication

A guide offers a range of concrete recommendations, accompanied by examples, to be practiced both in writing and orally.

Work-Life Reconciliation at UNamur

A brochure covering in a practical and educational way all the parenting aids implemented by the legislator or our University.

Promotion of gender equality at UNamur

Round tables and conferences on the state of equality between women and men

UNamur Gender Plan

2020-2021 political priorities in terms of gender equality at UNamur defined by the Vice-Rector in charge and approved by the University's Administrative Board in January 2020.

Recent report

2019-2020 | The report on the state of gender equality at UNamur.

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