Founded in 1968, the Faculty of Computer Science is one of the early pioneers of teaching and research in the areas of information and computer sciences.

Faculty of Computer Science

From its very beginning, it has aimed at developing a unique curriculum of studies devoted to the design of information systems according to an interdisciplinary and holistic approach.

Our teaching programs thus comprise courses related to classical computer science (such as courses on programming, databases, networks, operating systems, computer architecture) but also courses on mathematics and human sciences.

Being close to the European headquarters in Brussels, our faculty also supports language learning and student mobility, in particular through a 6 months stage during the last year of the master.

The faculty has a team of 85 members, among which 25 are professors. It offers the degrees of bachelor, master and PhD.

Our teaching is supported by research conducted, at an international level, in seven research units, in which problems are handled not only from the technical point of view but also with methodological, organizational and social concerns.

This encompasses both fundamental and applied research with research funds coming from regional, national as well as european projects.

Vincent Englebert

Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science