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28 October 2021 | UNamur research day

Research day 2021

This year, the Research Council and the Vice-Rector in charge of Research, Carine Michiels have decided to honour the research projects in collaboration with the South, theme of the 2021 Research Day.

The event took place on October 28, 2021 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bourse (Namur).

Poster session

A poster session is planned during the event. Each interested institute is asked to send a list of PhD and post-doctoral students from the South, with their name, the name of their promoter and the title of the poster they would like to present. 

Poster submission is closed!

Contact email:


08:30 – Registrations and welcome breakfast

09:00 - Welcome speech by Carine Michiels

09:10 - Patrick Kestemont: Research programmes founded by ARES

09:25 - Sabine Henry: Environmental migrations: how to introduce environment in a migration model?

09:40 - Isabelle Parmentier: Environmental History in RDC: research and educational tools

09:55 - 3 teasers by UNamur PhD students

10:25 - Coffee break and poster session

10:45 - Philippe Lambin: From artisanal mining of coltan in Congo to high-tech applications of tantalum

11:00 - Romain Houssa: Primary Commodities and Development

11:15 - Patrick Kestemont: Immunomodulatory potential of different herbal plant extracts on striped catfish-in vitro and in vivo approaches

11:30 - 3 teasers by UNamur PhD students

12:00 - Lunch and poster session

13:00 – Jean-Marie Baland, Catherine Guirkinger & Ludovic Bequet: Research at work in developing countries: field surveys, quantitative approaches, theoretical analysis

13:20 - Johan Yans in collaboration with Augustin Deckoning: Characterization of supergene ore deposits in Africa

13:35 - 3 teasers by UNamur PhD students

14:05 - Vincent Hallet: Groundwater resources assessment and protection along coastal areas in the Philippines

14: 20 - Nathalie Kirschvink: Ecchinococcus granulosus control in Middle Atlas in Morocco by considering intermediate and definitive hosts

14: 35 - Stéphane Leyens: The challenge of fostering socio-economic empowerment and cultural identity - bringing out a major development issue

14:50 - 3 teasers by UNamur PhD students

15:20 - Guilhem Cassan: Caste, political representation and the role of medias in India 

15:25 - Jeroen Darquennes: Conclusions



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