Radicalization in Theory and Practice Workshop : PATHWAYS TO NATIONAL SECURITY IN WESTERN EUROPE

The workshop

The workshop, which took place on 30 & 31 May 2017 at the University of Namur, explored the new and striking dynamics of radicalization  through theoretical and empirical lenses. Theoretically, the ideological foundations of radicalism were explored and empirically, a detailed analysis of patterns of radicalization in Western Europe was offered.


Radicalization is increasingly treated as one of the major challenges of contemporary international security. It conjures up images of violent ideologies, "homegrown" terrorists and jihad in both the academic sphere and among security defense experts.

While the first instances of religious radicalization were initially limited to second-generation Muslim immigrants, significant changes are currently impacting this phenomenon. For instance, technology is said to amplify the dissemination of radicalism, though there remains uncertainty as to the exact weight of technology on radical behaviours.

Moreover, far from being restricted to young men of Muslim heritage suffering from a feeling of social relegation, radicalism concerns a significant number of converted Muslims, women and more heterogeneous profiles (social, academic and geographic), as well as individuals that give the appearance of being fully integrated in the host society.


ADRE, NARC Room, rue de Bruxelles, 55 - 5000 Namur



  • 13:00 Light lunch
  • 14:00 Introduction (T. Balzacq, E. Settoul)
  • 14:30 Islamic Doctrines (M.-A. Adraoui)
  • 15:00 Social Movement Theories (D. I. Pisoiu)
  • 15:30 Coffee break
  • 16:00 Social Psychology (J. Morrison)
  • 16:30 Economic Theories (T. Krieger & D. Meierrieks)
  • 17:00 Coffee break
  • 17:30 Conversion Models (J. Galonnier)
  • 18:00 Belgium (S. Teich)
  • 18:30 Dinner



  • 9:00 France (E. Settoul)
  • 9:30 Germany (R. Pelzer)
  • 10:00 Spain (R. Bermejo)
  • 10:30 Coffee break
  • 11:00 United Kingdom (T. Abbas)
  • 11:30 Concluding remarks
  • 12:00 Light lunch