Professional Responsibility

 Professional responsabilities

"Researchers make every effort to ensure that their research is useful to society and does not duplicate research done elsewhere.

They shall avoid any type of plagiarism and respect the principle of intellectual property and joint ownership of data in the case of research carried out in collaboration with one or more thesis/internship supervisors and/or other researchers. The need to validate new observations by showing that the experiments are reproducible should not be interpreted as plagiarism, provided that the data to be confirmed are explicitly cited.

Researchers shall ensure that, in the event of delegation of any aspect of their work, the delegatee has the necessary competence". (extract from the Charter for European researchers)


At UNamur


Awereness campaign and knowledge test


Position papers on intellectual property (intranet):

  • Anti-plagiarism charter (TO DO)
  • Communication campaign (TO DO)
  • Writting of the Anti-plagiarism Charter
  • Integration of intellectual property regulations into documents provided to new foreign researchers
  • Implementation of roles and responsibilities for the line manager


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