Good practices in research

Good practices in research 

"Researchers should at all times adopt safe working methods compliant with national legislation, including taking the necessary precautions to ensure health and safety and to overcome the consequences of IT-related disasters, for example by establishing appropriate backup strategies. They should also be aware of existing national legal requirements regarding data protection and confidentiality protection and take the necessary steps to meet them at all times. (extract from the Charter for European researchers)


At UNamur

Implementation of the UNamur Documents service for the storage and synchronization of staff documents
  • Hiring of a Data Privacy and Protection Officer (GDPR)
  • Hiring of an Information Systems Security Manager (ISSM)
  • Hiring of an extra security guard on campus
  • Increase in the number of badges for laboratory access
  • Increased security for access to the animal facility
  • Increase in the number of badges in student residences on campus
  • Appointment of a Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Elaboration of the missions of the IT governance group
  • Improvement of the UNamur Documents (TO DO) service
  • Implementation of a backup service for UNamur Documents data (TO DO)
  • Campus security (laboratories and animal house)
  • Creation of internal rules of procedure common to all laboratories
  • Support and training for internal security relays in laboratories 
  • Continuation of the risk analysis program in laboratories


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