Commitment to society

Commitment to society 

"Researchers should ensure that their research activities are made known to society as a whole so that they can be understood by non-specialists, thus improving society's understanding of science. Direct engagement with the general public will help researchers to better understand society's interest in science and technology priorities and concerns" (extract from the Charter for European researchers)


At UNamur

UNamur encourages its researchers to participate in debates on major societal issues and to share their knowledge and expertise with the general public and young people. 

  • Organization of the "Famelab" communication competition in collaboration with the British Council
  • Annual organization of the preparatory training competition "My thesis in 180 seconds".
  • Creation of the Confluence of Knowledge, an interdisciplinary centre for scientific culture and the dissemination of knowledge
  • Institutional policy to promote the participation of researchers in science popularization events, particularly in the framework of the activities of the Confluence of Knowledge.
  • Continuation of previous actions
  • Reinforcement of actions aimed at schoolchildren and the general public
  • Collaboration with the Cité des métiers de Namur to raise awareness among young people of the researcher profession;
  • Organization of exhibitions or Public Outreach events in collaboration with the ADRE (French Agency for Research and Development)
  • Training in science popularization for PhD students
Creation of a web series on researchers (The World of Researchers)

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