Nicolas Niessen is a PhD student in chemistry at the University of Namur.

He obtained his Bachelor in Chemistry in 2019 at the University of Namur, as well as his Master in Chemistry, Professional focus in 2021. He realized his Master thesis in 2020 in the team of Prof. Guillaume Berionni, in the Reactivity and Organic Catalysis (RCO) laboratory. His project consisted in the synthesis of substituted triarylmethanes as a direct precursor in the synthesis of non-planar triarylboranes. He then realized a 3-month internship in Paris, at Chimie ParisTech – PSL, in the group of Prof. Christophe Thomas, focusing on the synthesis of biobased polymers. He started his thesis in organic chemistry in the laboratory of Prof. Guillaume Berionni on the synthesis of Lewis superacids.


L. Guillaume, A. Marshall, N. Niessen, P. Ni, R. M. Gauvin, C. M. Thomas, Green Chem. 2021, 23, 6931–6935.