laboratoire de Réactivité et Catalyse Organique (RCO)

laboratoire de Réactivité et Catalyse Organique (RCO)


Laboratory of Reactivity and Organic Catalysis (RCO, Professor Guillaume Berionni)

Our group's research is mainly focusing on the synthesis and investigation of the reactivities of new Lewis acids derived from triarylboranes and of sterically hindered Lewis bases derived from phosphines and amines, for the rational design of frustrated Lewis pairs. A first strategy, which we have been pursuing for the past years, relies on the uses of new linkers to design FLPs with finely-adjustable geometries and stereo-electronic properties. The catalytic activities of these FLPs (in hydrogenation reactions and small molecules activation) are investigated quantitatively by kinetics investigations, and thermodynamic measurements which allows the subsequent fine-tuning of the FLP catalysts structures.


 June 2018

From left to right : Mathieu Gama - Guillaume Berionni - Aurélien Chardon - Xavier Antognini Silva - Damien Mahaut –  Arnaud Osi - Lei Hu – Ali Ben Saida

Open Positions

Projects are currently available in the areas of organoboron chemistry (development of novel Lewis acids, catalysts, receptors), organic reactivity and catalysis (reactivities of frustrated Lewis pairs) and of organometallic chemistry.  

If you are interested in pursuing research in any of the areas mentioned above, and would like to discuss the available projects and positions in 2018, please contact me by e-mail.

Professor Guillaume Berionni




Publications 2010-
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11 tetrazolopyridines The N-Alkylation of Substituted 4-Tetrazolo[1, 5-a]pyridines: Easy Access to a New Series of Electrophiles
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