Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences

Welcome to the University of Namur’s Faculty of Sciences, which serves more than one thousand students each year.



The Faculty of Sciences offers programmes in a wide range of disciplines and of levels: Bachelors, Masters, Advanced Masters and Doctorate/PhD.

Seven of the Faculty’s departments offer Bachelors programmes:

In addition, Masters programmes are offered in the fields of:

The Faculty of Sciences also hosts the Department of Sciences, Philosophy and Societies that teaches transdisciplinary courses in all faculties of the university.


About fifteen research units perform international, state of the art research. Their members are frequently involved in collaborative international projects with excellent partner organisations.

Fundamental and applied research is carried out within all departments of the Faculty of Sciences.  This research is essentially interdisciplinary, as evidenced by the faculty’s participation in seven different research institutes at the university.

Doctorates/PhDs in sciences can be awarded by all departments after an average of four years of studies following a Masters degree.