Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences !

Welcome to the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Namur which serves more than one thousand students each year.


Seven departments of the Faculty organize full Bachelor programmes (Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Geology, Mathematics, Physics, Veterinary Medicine).

In addition, full Master programmes are organized by four departments (Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Physics and Smart Rurality).

The Faculty of Sciences also hosts a department of sciences, philosophy and societies that gives transverse courses among all the faculties of the university.

About twenty laboratories and research groups perform research that is considered international state of the art.

They are frequently involved in international collaborations with excellent partner organizations.

Fundamental research and more-oriented research as well are carried out in all the departments of the Faculty of Sciences. Doctorate degree (Ph.D.) in sciences can be delivered by almost all the departments after an average of four years of studies following a masters degree.

Anne LemaƮtre Dean of the Faculty of Sciences