About us

Part of the Faculty of Economics, Social sciences and Business administration of the University of Namur, the Centre for Research on Consumption and Leisure (CeRCLe), which was created in 2005, is an interdisciplinary research centre composed by faculty members, researchers, doctoral students and practitioners.

Missions - Research and platform of collaboration

The Centre's main objective is to actively promote theoretical as well as empirical, fundamental as well as applied research in the field of marketing and services, and more specifically in the fields of consumption and leisure.

Research articulates around the following activities: scientific researches, participation to symposia and conferences, publications of international level, training and supervision of doctoral students, hosting of researchers and of guest professors, involvement into national and international research networks and organization of seminars, workshops and conferences.

The CeRCLe also wishes to be a platform of information and collaboration between academic researchers and practitioners of the private and public sectors, interested by issues bound to consumption and leisure.

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RESEARCH DOMAINS & Application fields

The three main research domains are consumer & manager decision makingconsumption practices & phenomena and marketing actions & consumer response.

The main application field concerns the service industry with a focus on tourism, culture and leisure, on the one hand, and retailing and shopping activities, on the other hand.

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Structure & Organization

The center is permanently composed by three faculty members and several researchers. Visiting professors, associated researchers and practitioners actively participate in the center's activities. More information is available in the "Members" section.


The CeRCLe collaborates with the Center of Excellence on Consumer Relations and Responsible Marketing (CERMA) of the Université Catholique de Louvain. They set up a research initiative in the field of consumer behavior and created a joint research centre labelled Center on Consumers and Marketing Strategy (CCMS).

The CeRCLe also actively collaborates in the field of service research with the Center for Service Intelligence of Ghent University and the service research team of Antwerp University.

The members of the CeRCLe also collaborate with reseachers from other universities (in and outside Belgium) as well as with practitioners from various industries and from various organizations.

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Last activities

Organization of an international workshop on Sharing the Challenges of Collaborative Consumption (April 24, 2015) with, among keynote speakers, Prof. Russell W. Belk (York University, Canada). 70 professors, PhD students and practitioners from 12 countries attended the workshop. Read more.