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The Centre for Research on Consumption and Leisure (CeRCLe) organizes or co-organizes a series of research events such as seminars, workshops, conferences, doctoral events, ...

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31 March 2023, Namur, Belgium

After Dijon, Reims, Metz, Mons, Strasbourg, Dijon, Reims and Nancy, the Marketing Research Day of the Grand Est returns to Belgium! The CCMS (which gathers researchers from the University of Namur (NADI-Cercle) and the Catholic University of Louvain (CERMA-LOURIM) will host this event at the University of Namur on March 31, 2023.

Like the eight previous editions, this 9th edition will give an important place to works that renew the theoretical and methodological options of marketing research, by proposing for example new theoretical frameworks, borrowings from other disciplinary fields or other methods (indirect measures, videography, etc.).

The papers proposed can take different forms (state of the art, reflection on controversies or debates, empirical research, etc.) and relate to all the themes of marketing, even if particular attention will be paid to the axes which structure the research carried out within the CCMS and NADI-CeRCLe team, namely:

  • Understanding consumer behavior, particularly in the face of marketing developments in a digital world;
  • The effects of marketing actions on consumers and consumption;
  • Emerging challenges in terms of marketing and management of services;
  • Sustainability, transition and societal issues related to marketing;
  • Postmodern consumption practices, experiences and phenomena.



More information on Journée de Recherche en Marketing du Grand Est (JRMGE 2023).

LET'S talk about service (ltas)

6-8 December 2023, Namur, Belgium

The Let’s Talk About Service (LTAS) conference was founded in 2012 by Wafa Hammedi (University of Namur), Annouk Lievens (Antwerp University), and Bart Larivière (UGent, KU Leuven). 

In 2023, LTAS will be hosted by NADI-CeRCLe (University of Namur).

LTAS aims to introduce young scholars to the wonderful world of service research and guide them through their journey in academia. This initiative is unique in its kind since the target audience is the new generation of service researchers, including both PhD students and junior faculty. For each edition, a workshop on a particular emerging topic is selected and participants have a chance to learn something new regarding research and publications in the field of services.

LTAS is much more than the typical conference or doctoral consortium you are familiar with. LTAS keynote speakers and mentors have guided young scholars to start collaborating and write papers together. With great success, since various papers published in top journals (e.g., Journal of Service Management, Journal of Service Research among others) and long-term friendships in our service community originate from LTAS.

If you still have any doubt, just look at the last edition !

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