The members of the Center produce various research outputs such as journal articles, videographies, books, book chapters, conference papers, applied research reports, working papers, doctoral dissertations, and so forth. Here is a list of our publications since 2013.

Journal articles


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      Conference papers

      • Deventer, C., Zidda, P. (2023). Impact of perceived personalization on the evaluation of interactive recommendation systems. Accepted to the FRONTIERS in Service Conference (Maastricht, The Netherland), June 15-18, 2023
      • Pirnay, L., Deventer, C. & Amaral de Sousa, V. (2023). Providing Customer Value through Non-Fungible Tokens: A Preliminary Study. Proceedings of 56th HICSS Conference (Lahaina, Hawaii), 2-6 january 2023
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      Doctoral dissertations

      • Bruneau, V. (2017), Assessing the effectiveness of loyalty programs in building engagement and loyalty, under the guidance of Profs. V. Swaen (UCL) & P. Zidda (UNamur)
      • Leclercq, T. (2017), Essays on the engagement mechanisms in the value co-creation process: The case of gamification, under the guidance of Profs. I. Poncin (UCL) & W. Hammedi (UNamur)
      • Steils, N. (2016), Antecedents and Consequences of Online Consumer Learning, under the gudiance of Profs. A. Decrop (Unamur) & D. Crié (University of Lille 1).
      • Masset J. (2015), The recontextualization of special possessions in time, space, and the social environment: The case of tourist souvenirs, under the guidance of Prof. A. Decrop (Unamur).
      • Dessart F. (2015), Sustainable Consumption: A signaling perspective, under the guidance of Prof. A. Decrop (Unamur).
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