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About the lecturer

Prof. Duccio Fanelli at University of Florence (Italy)

Duccio Fanelli is Full
Professor in Physics at the University of Florence (Italy), Department of Physics and Astronomy. He holds a Laurea in Physics (University of Florence) and a Ph.D. in Numerical Analysis and Computer Science (KTH, Stockholm). He worked as researcher at the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, as permanent staff member (Lecturer in Theoretical Physics) at the University of Manchester and as Associate Professor at the University of Florence. He has been visiting professor at the ENS in Lyon (France) and at the University of Orleans (France), and CNRS guest researcher in Marseille (France). Fanelli's research interests fall in the realm of statistical mechanics and complex systems, with e.g. applications to biology and neuroscience. He is author of about 150 paper in international refereed journals. He co-authored a monograph on long range interacting systems edited by Oxford University Press.

International FRANCQUI Chair 2020