Courses and Teaching Languages

Frenchis the main language of instruction at UNamur. Most of the courses are therefore taught in French. 

Complete course list

Click on this link for a list on all available UNamur courses by faculty and programme.

Usually, all courses are open to exchange students with the exception of first year courses.

For the class schedule please consult this link and a video explaining how to use the class schedule too here. 

Attention: The definite schedule is usually not available before early August before the new academic year.

English-taught Courses

Some programmes offer a number of courses in English. 

Please note that a B1/B2 level in English is recommended if you wish to attend English-taught courses.

The list is available here below :

English-friendly courses

What to expect from an "English Friendly Course"


The teaching team provides students with a bibliography and documentation in English.

Course attendance

International exchange students may interact with the teachers (and other colleagues) of the course in English. They may therefore ask or answer questions in English and are allowed to write any assignments or exercises in English.


International exchange students are allowed to answer examination questions in English and, in some cases, to use a monolingual (English) or Bilingual (Mother tongue/English) dictionary. The teaching staff will provide clear instructions on this at the beginning of the course.

General information about course codes

Note: From the course code one can get some pieces of information, namely:

- the first letter refers to the faculty: L = Faculty of Arts (“Lettres” in French), E = Faculty of Economics, D = Law (“Droit” in French), I = Computer Science (“Informatique” in French), S = Science, M = Medicine

- the three following letters refer

  • to the programme: ex. ECON > Economy or SPHY > Physics
  • to the language: ex. LNRL > Dutch (“Néerlandais” in French) or LALL > German (“Allemand” in French)
  • or the entity ex. IELV > Department of Modern languages

- the fifth letter refers to the study cycle "M" stands for “Master’s” and “B” stands for “Bachelor’s”

- the last 3 digits identify each specific course.

Please note that the term can still change. One has to check this information, before the beginning of the term.