Visiting Researchers

UNamur encourage researchers’ mobility as a way to mutually increase knowledge.

This statement inscribes itself in a general policy where researchers’ mobility has become a priority for policy makers and research organizations. Therefore, several financing opportunities exist to encourage traveling abroad and welcoming foreign researchers.


At the European level

The EEC, as part of its strategy for researchers’ mobility, has come to realize the necessity of bringing together “mobile” researchers and research institutions and also of lifting administrative obstacles to mobility. Hence, whether you are:

  • looking for training or working opportunities throughout Europe, or
  • looking for reliable information, on professional or daily life, to prepare your stay abroad in a European country,

please consult the web page dedicated to European initiatives in this matter.

Information - Contact

  • The ADRE (research administration) offers support to researchers willing to organize a stay abroad or in Namur. 
  • The service "Euraxess Rights" answers all your questions about the implementation of the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers.
  • The International Relations Service (SRI) is available for any other question.

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