Mobility grants

The information below is aimed at students selected by the faculty to undertake :

  • either a period of study in a partner higher education institution (Course mobility),
  • or a traineeship in a university or other institution (Traineeship mobility).

Depending on the host country, these two types of mobility can be funded by:

  • the Erasmus Belgica programme, which funds mobility among the three "language" Communities of Belgium;
  • the Erasmus+ programme, which funds mobility to European Union member states, as well as some associated countries (Iceland, Liechtenstein, North Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey), and as from 2021-2022 it offers the possibility of devoting a small part of the budget in order to fund also mobility outside Europe
  • the FAME (Fonds d'aide à la mobilité étudiante) programme, which operates to fund mobility outside Europe

Eligibility criteria for a grant

For a period of mobility to be funded, the following conditions must be met:

  • the student applying for a grant must be fully registered at UNamur in a programme which permits a study or traineeship period abroad;
  • a student who undertakes a "Course mobility" must go to one of the destinations where UNamur has a partnership: list here;
  • a student who undertakes a traineeship can go to any company or public or private institution (university, research centre, NGO…);
  • a recent graduate can undertake a traineeship to facilitate their entry into professional life (Note: only in Europe and not in Switzerland);
  • in accordance with the FAME programme,  the stay must last  a minimum of three continuous months (13 weeks); for Erasmus and Erasmus Belgica destinations, the stay is eligible for the award of a grant from a minimum of 9 continuous weeks;
  • courses undertaken during the mobility period must be part of the course at UNamur and obtain full academic recognition; the transfer or award of credits will be made conforming to the rules of the Erasmus University Charter; an approved learning agreement or traineeship contract must be drawn up and signed by the three parties before the student departs.

The grant amount

For the initial calculation of the grant (Erasmus Belgica, Erasmus+ or FAME), the period to be funded is estimated according to the dates indicated in the grant contract. The definitive amount will be fixed upon return, according to the actual beginning and end dates confirmed by the host university or institution.

Erasmus Belgica



In addition to a one-way travel subsidy of €100, the student will also receive the following monthly amounts on the condition that they provide an accommodation leasing agreement in the Belgian host town:

Course and Traineeship Mobilities
Non-grand beneficiary Grant beneficiary **
100€/month 100€/month

** student beneficiary of a study grant from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation during the 2021-22 academic year


The Belgica scholarship amounts will be increased from the year 2023-2024. The grant will now be calculated per week. In addition to the weekly allowance, the student will receive €25 per week, on the condition that they provide an accommodation leasing agreement in the Belgian host town:

Course and Traineeship Mobilities
Non-grand beneficiary Grant beneficiary **
75€/week 100€/week
+25€/week if accomodation on site

** student beneficiary of a study grant from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation during the 2022-23 academic year


The amount of the Erasmus+ grant varies according to the living costs in the host country:


Course Mobility Traineeship Mobility


non-grant beneficiary

grant beneficiary*

non-grant beneficiary

grant beneficiary*


monthly grant

Countries with higher living costs

Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Irland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden, United Kingdom (until May 2023 only)

600€ 850€ 750€ 1000€

Countries medium living costs

Austria, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Portugal,  Spain

540€ 790€ 690€ 940€

Countries with lower living costs

Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey

490€ 740€ 640€ 890€

*Students beneficiary of a study grant from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation during the 2021-22 academic year

Mobility outside Europe (FAME and Erasmus+)



Course Mobility Traineeship Mobility


non-allocataire allocataire* non-allocataire allocataire*
bourse mensuelle

Partner countries from regions 1-12

700€ 950€+travel support 700€ 950€+ travel support
Partner countries from region 13:
Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, Vatican City State
540€ 790€ 690€ 940€

Partner countries from region 14:
Faroe Islands, Switzerland, United Kindgom

600€ 850€ 750€ 1000€

*Students beneficiary of  an study grant from the Wallonia-Brussels Federation during the academic year 2021-22

Grant request

Grant requests are submitted by the faculty at the time of sending the list of outbound students to the International Relations Office (SRI).

The selected students will be informed by the SRI of the payment method and award conditions of the grant. Grant contracts will be sent to the selected students at the beginning of July.

Award of the grant

The disbursement will be made two weeks before the expected departure date if the following conditions have been met and if the selection of the candidate is confirmed by the faculty.

Payment of the grant

The payment of the grant will be made if the conditions below have been met :

  • at the time of departure: first instalment of 80% of the amount (initial calculation),

(1) return the Grant Contract duly completed and signed to the International Relations Department (SRI)

(2) register at UNamur for the 2022-23 academic year, in a programme and year which permits a mobility period

(3) if to an Erasmus destination (course or traineeship), pass the first Erasmus+ Online Linguistic Support language test (only for those students who are participating in the Erasmus+ programme; participants in the Erasmus Belgica or Mobility outside Europe programmes are exempt from this).

  • upon return: remaining balance, according to the actual mobility period length (final calculation)

(1) submission of evaluation report

(2) submission to the SRI of proof of visit certificate, which clearly shows the definitive visit dates and which is signed and stamped by the host university coordinator or traineeship supervisor.

Loans for masters students

As part of the funding for a mobility project, students at masters level (2nd cycle) can apply for an interest-free loan from our students social service.

For further information, please visit the students social service at the following address

Centre social universitaire (1st floor) – rue Bruno 7 – 5000 Namur
Opening hours : see the website