Finding Courses


Instruction on how to design a list of course for the Learning Agreement.

The example below is for exchange students who plan to spend a semester at the University of Namur’s Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration and have to assemble a study programme to be discussed and agreed upon (i.e. confirmed by signature) by the academic coordinator at their home university. However, the same explanation also applies to UNamur's other faculties.

Please visit the a Faculty's website for a detailed description of the various bachelor and master’s programmes offered.  Please note that the teaching language is predominantly French at the bachelor level and English at the master’s level.  Exchange students at the bachelor level are allowed to take master’s level courses and vice versa. An exchange student can take only two courses outside the faculty UNamur with which his or her home university has an exchange agreement.

1.     Finding academic course for a particular programme

Go to: Teaching directory and click on, for example, « Faculté des sciences économiques, sociales et de gestion »

You will see the following :

Please only choose courses from our "Bachelier", "Master 120 crédits", "Master 60 crédits" or "Master de spécialisation" programmes. By clicking on either one you will get another menu with the different programmes offered at each level.  For the example of the Master (120 ECTS credits) you will get the following:

Now click on the specific Master you are interested in, for example, Master in Management, professional focus.  You will get to a the homepage of that particular master’s programme and by clicking on “course structure” you can obtain a list of the course offered within it.  By clicking on each course, you can get a course description and also the information about when a course is offered (i.e. fall semester=1st quarter or spring semester=2nd quarter)


2.  Verifying whether a particular course is offered in the semester of your stay and how to avoid scheduling conflicts

After you have come up with a list of courses you are interested in please follow this step to verify whether a course is really offered and whether there may be scheduling conflicts among the courses you have taken. Under point 1 you were able to learn which courses are offered and during which semester the course is offered.  But sometimes a last minute change in the schedule or in the availability of a course may not be immediately reflected on the website. So in the following you can see whether a courses is really offered and when.

Go to the following UNamur website and choose the correct academic year.

Then use the dropdown menu on the left to get the following screen:


To see the classes you are interested in (Masters in Management/Business Admin, for example) click on either "MA 120 1 GEST" or “MA 120 1 ING”  Or at the 2nd-year bachelor level,  you would have to click on "2BAC-ECOGEST","2BAC-INGMI" or "2BAC-INGTECH" to see the classes offered in the field of business administration in the fall.  Equivalently click on  "3BAC-ECOGEST","3BAC-INGMI" or "3BAC-INGTECH" for the classes offered in the fall at the 3rd-year bachelor level or the equivalent 2BAC links for the 2nd year bachelor level.

Make sure you chose in the calendar below a week where classes are offered, i.e. during the semester, by clicking

  • on any week during September 15 to January 15 for the fall semester and
  • on February 1 to May 15 for the spring semester.  

Note that during the spring break no classes are offered and you should check in at least two or three different weeks the availability and schedule of courses in the spring quarter.


For each course you can also see the location of the course. Most if not all courses you chose will be held in the building you were in today.
So, for example, Marketing Communications on Wednesday mornings from 10.40 to 12.40 will take place in lecture hall E35.  
  • E stands for Economics, thus our faculty,
  • and 35 for the fifth lecture hall on the third floor of the building. 
The other codes work accordingly. If you cannot find a course, just ask anyone in an office in the building.

By following the instructions in this document you can thus design your study programme for your stay at the University of Namur.  Once done, please discuss it with your coordinator and send him or her a proposed list of courses for verification.