French language courses

Before coming to Namur

We strongly recommend you try to and improve your French language skills before coming to Namur. Already some basic French skills will help you to more successfully cope with some of the practical challenges that exchange students are confronted with in a new environment.

At UNamur

While it is sure that every day interactions with fellow Belgian students and other people in Namur will help you to learn French in a natural way, the University of Namur also developed a number of initiatives that will allow you to more systematically improve your language skills.


French language course (3 ECTS) during the orientation weeks

As part of the orientation weeks organized before the start of the first semester UNamur offers French courses (Français langue étrangère, or: FLE) at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The courses are taught in the morning. They are completed with cultural, administrative and/or touristic activities in the afternoon and the evening. Each course is part of the study program and equivalent to 3 ECTS.  

French language courses during the semester

Also during the semester UNamur offers FLE courses at the beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The courses are organized by the university's school of modern languages (école des languages vivantes). Each course is taught for 2 hours/week and is worth 3 ECTS. A placement test (that helps to determine the level of each student) is organized at the beginning of each semester.

Kot-à-projet (KAP) activities

The exchange students who rented a room in a so-called KAP are encouraged to actively participate in the KAP activities. These activities will help them to acquire linguistic and intercultural skills during their stay at UNamur.