French-as-a-second-language courses

Before coming to Namur, it is strongly recommended that you try to improve your French language skills on your own. This will help you a lot in every day life in Namur and of course in your studies.

After arriving in Namur, you have several opportunities to still improve your French language skills in addition to your every day interactions with fellow Belgian students and other people in Namur:


1. Orientation Weeks for incoming international and exchange students and researchers:

We offer two weeks of orientation before the fall semester during the first two weeks of September, which consist of a French-as-a-second-language course (3 ECTS credits) at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels in the mornings followed by cultural, administrative or touristic activities in the afternoons and evenings. These two weeks are a good way for all exchange students to already get to know each other, but also to get used to the language and get settled into their new environments before the beginning of the academic year. Please see this link for more information on the orientation weeks.


2. French-as-a-second-language classes during the semester:

We also offer regular FLE classes at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. This class is also worth 3 ECTS credits and consists of 2 hours of teaching per week. The class is organized by the UNamur's  School of Living Language and is free of charge to incoming exchange students. At the beginning of each semester a placement test will be held to determine level. You will also learn more about this during the welcome session in each semester.


3. Kot-à-projet (KAP) activities:

For those of you living in a KAP, we encourage to actively participate in the KAP's activities. This will certainly improve your French-language skills.