Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Supplementary measures from the Walloon and Wallonia-Brussels Governments - Enforced from 26/10/20

The second wave of propagation of the virus is closer to us and our loved ones.  It is affecting our activity and life on the campus.  Our University, at the heart of a severly hit Wallonia, is subjected to new more strict rules from the Walloon and Wallonia-Brussels Gouvernments .

Here are the new measures which will enter into force from Monday 26 October 2020.


All teaching activities are to be organized remotely and up to 19 November minimum. 

A few exceptions:

  • Some capital practical exercises, necessary to the students and which require equipment (each faculty will inform students and staff in details about which activities are kept on site and in which conditions);
  • In-company or in-lab internships for which the students have to comply with the rules of the hosting organizations;
  • Aggregation or didactic finality interships, which can be held according to the secondary education rules;
  • In-lab research in the framework of an experimental master thesis.


In order to enable this remote teaching shift, pedagogical and technical features are subjected to important investments.  Additional support modalities are being investigated by the TICE-PUNCH cells, the SIU and the IT support staff.  You will soon be informed.


In-lab research activities are maintained with special emphasis on the sanitary regulations.  The presence of staff (as well as master students) is allowed in the framework of research activities.  It is asked to organize the work so that interpersonal contact is limited to the bare minimum.


To enable student who do not have IT equipment, a connection or a calm place to follow the courses remotely, the BUMP stays open.  IT equipment for students can be borrowed from the VéCU.


Moreover, borrowing books or articles is still possible for research or the writing of master theses.  The BUMP will be accessible under conditions which will be mentioned on the BUMP webpages beginning of next week.

Remote working and on-site presence

The Walloon Government has asked remote working to be applied until 19 November (minimum).  For jobs which cannot be done remotely, it is asked that the social distancing rules, wearing a mask and other sanitairy measures be effective and controlled. A consultation about the implementation is programmed next week. 

Psychological assistance

The crisis has been going on for many months and is psychologically affecting us.  Should you need psychological assistance, please refer to the emails you have received.

ADAPTED MODALITIES - Switch to orange code from 19 October 2020

Given the evolution of the epidemic, the options taken by the higher education actors and the coordination committee enforce new measures to insure everybody’s security within our University.

Teaching activities

From Monday 19 October, student attendance on campus is reduced to 20% maximum.  Each faculty will apply the appropriate measures according to their specificities and possibilities, and will inform their students.

Remote working

Remote working becomes the rule for staff members, when it is possible.  However, service to students and research activities must carry on.  Modalities and sanitary precautions must be adapted to enable us to carry out our missions. Each service will adapt accordingly to ensure uninterrupted service. 

Extra-academic activities

All extra-academic activities are suspended.  This includes activities in the circles, the project residences and the events organized on the campus.  The BUMP will however stay open.


On the campus

  • Wearing a mask is compulsory for displacements on the campus, in shared spaces and when distance cannot be kept
  • Disinfecting gel available at each building entrance, in the services, labs and faculties

Each staff member and each student will receive a “Covid-pack” including a mask, disinfecting spray, reusable wipes and a re-sealable bag.

Check the latest version of the UNamur good practices guide.

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Coming back / arriving from abroad

Read about the current measures in Belgium on the federal website:

Mandatory for all: You must fill in the "Public health passenger locator form" without the 48 hours you return/come to Belgium.

Travelling out

Rules may be different in each country. Check the rules on

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