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My COVID-19 test is positive

Send your health certificate to your Faculty secretariat.

If you do not have a certificate, get in contact with the sanitary watch cell of the Crisis Committee by email or by phone + 32 (0)81 72 53 42.

Aim: warn that you have been tested positive and enable the watch cell to collect targeted information about your taking part to official or professional activities at the UNamur (courses, Arsenal, BUMP…).

No information will be asked for your private activities, nor the names of the people you have been seeing on and/or outside the campus.

I have the feeling I have COVID-19-like symptoms

Leave the campus after notifying your Faculty secretariat.

Get in contact with your doctor to get a quarantine certificate.  Send the certificate to your Faculty secretariat /N+1.

I have been in contact with a person who was tested positive or was having symptoms.

You have been in contact more than 15 minutes, at less than 1.5m and with NO protective measures

Do not come to the campus and notify your Faculty secretariat.  Contact your doctor to determine the process (testing + quarantine certificate if needed). 

If you are already on the campus, leave the campus as soon as possible and contact your doctor to determine the process (testing + quarantine certificate if needed). 

The protective measures were observed in a general manner.

There is no reason to leave the campus. In conjunction with your Faculty secretariat, please observe the following precaution principles: limit your physical contacts as much as possible, pay attention to your health during the 14 days following the contact, wash your hands more often, wear a facemask when displacing.

I am back from a red zone, can I attend my courses?


Anybody who wished to stay more than 48 hours on the Belgian territory must fill in an online form before arrival.  Belgium is currently enforcing a compulsory quanrantine to anyone coming back from a red zone.

The zones considered as red by Belgium are listed on the following websites.

The 14-day quarantine period begins on arrival.  Only essential procedures are allowed:

-       Urgent medical care;

-       First necessity shopping, like food or medicine, only if nobody can do it for you and as an exception;

-       Tackle urgent juridical or financial issues.

Attending practical courses is not possible.  You are asked to send your faculty secretariat a copy of your online form (to enter Belgium).  If you come from a red zone, the quarantine obligation will be mentioned on it and this document will be considered  conclusive to your absence.

I am back from an orange zone, can I attend courses ?


Beeing back from an orange zone does not enforce a quarantine.  However, as orange zones are zones where the virus is circulating significantly, it is awaited you strictly comply to all protective measures and the protocols applicable at The UNamur and in the town of Namur.

I need to follow a quarantine, can I attend (practical) courses ?


Complying with a quarantine period (when back from a red zone or after being in contact with a person with or suspected to have COVID-19) enforces your physical non-presence on the campus.

If the courses can be followed remotely, you can take part.

Should this not be possible, namely for practical exercises, a supporting document will be asked.

A supporting document is:

-       A copy of your online form (arrival in Belgium)

-       A quarantine certificate delivered by a doctor

Your faculty will consider your situation, especially if you were not able to follow your courses.


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From 19 October 2020