Access to programmes

(for students with a secondary diploma from outside of Belgium)

Bachelor studies

You must have either:

  • a diploma, qualification or foreign certificate of studies recognised as equivalent for access to Bachelor level university studies in the French Community of Belgium;
  • a European baccalaureate delivered by the Conseil supérieur de l’école européenne;
  • an international baccalaureate delivered by the office of the international baccalaureate in Geneva;
  • a diploma of aptitude for higher education (diplôme d'aptitude à accéder à l'enseignement supérieur - DAES) conferred by the jury of the French Community ;
  • succeeding an examination of admission organised by a higher education establishment or a jury of the French Community; this certificate gives access to the studies in the sectors or the fields which it indicates.

In addition, the enrolment in medicine and veterinary medicine are subject specific procedures.  A selection on the basis of a quota of non-resident students is filled by drawing lots.

Master and Specialised Master

Enrolment is only possible on the basis of written applications for students from outside the French Community of Belgium.

Please refer in the admission requirements mentioned in the presentation of the selected program of studies .

Doctoral studies

For any information concerning the doctoral studies consult the website Doctorate - PhD.

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