Advanced masters

The University of Namur offers the following complementary masters degrees together with other universities.

Human rights

This advanced master’s, which is primarily legal in nature, is designed from an interdisciplinary viewpoint.

Its legal content relates to the human rights guarantees offered by international jurisdictions and institutions and the protection of rights within the State.

Its interdisciplinary content provides tools for understanding and implementing this protection.

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Transport management


This programme aims to provide advanced training to anyone whose professional activities are related to the transport sector.

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This programme gives students a knowledge of aquaculture, fish nutrition, pathology, ecology, aquariology, systematics and biostatistics.

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Water resources 

This advanced master’s lays stress on understanding the processes that determine flows within the earth’s hydrosystem, characterisation and predictive modelling, with a view to the optimal management of water as a resource.

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University and higher education teaching

This programme enables you to develop the skills and knowledge you need to:

  • provide quality higher education teaching that revolves around the student;
  • design and implement relevant educational resources (leading (large) groups, using the latest technological tools (medias, software, eLearning), etc.);
  • work in a multidisciplinary team to implement educational projects.

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Conservation and restoration of the built cultural heritage

This advanced master’s aims to develop the capacity for reflection and conceptualisation prior to work on any part of the architectural, urban, rural or landscape heritage. It also includes sociological and forward-looking analysis of the heritage, and takes account of both the cultural and economic aspects of integrated conservation.

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This programme focuses on understanding fundamental phenomena at the nanoscopic level, nano-production or synthesis of nanostructures, the characterisation of nanostructures and modelling and digital simulation at the nanoscopic level.

It draws attention to the impacts on society of nanotechnologies by means of cross-disciplinary seminars on ethics, economic aspects, the applications of nanotechnologies, the toxicity of nanomaterials, etc.

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