Programs assessment

Within the frame of the ESG and in order to assess the different programmes, each faculty is invited to submit a self-assessment report to the AEQES. Afterwards, experts appointed by the agency often come on-site to make formative assessments of the different courses. These visits are organized according to the agency's calendar.


Here is a blueprint explaining the different steps of a program assessment. 

Brief description of the different steps involved in a programme assessment: 

  • Each faculty submits a self-assessment report to the AEQES, introducing the Institution and presenting its strengths and weaknesses;  
  • A first experts visit is organized (which can last 2 to 3 days depending on the establishment);
  • These experts hand over a preliminary report; 
  • The faculty has the right of reply and can underline factual mistakes in the report;
  • The experts submit their final report and give a global note on suggested improvements; 
  • Then, they make a transversal analyze; 
  • Based on the experts' recommendations, the faculty designs an action plan.

The past and future programs assessments

In 2019, the faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration along with the faculty of Arts successfully received an experts visit from AEQES. The faculty of Veterinary Medicine, for its part,  received a visit from the AEEEV organism to evaluate its courses.

In November 2019, it was the turn of the faculty of Biomedical to welcome its first visit of experts appointed by the AEQES for its formative assessment. The experts‘ report underlined the quality of education, supported by a dynamic and invested team, but regretted that this curriculum was so little-known by the students, whether on the abilities developed nor the job prospects offered by the training.

Following the experts’ visit and based on their report, the faculty designed its action plan.

In 2020, the experts paid a visit to the departments of Biology/Biochemistry for an initial assessment. This visit, which was supposed to happen on 17th and 18th of March, was postponed to the end of October due to the Pandemic and was organized virtually. It was the first time, for the AEQES and for our university, that a visit was organized virtually. It revealed to be a success, and showed the capabilities of our institution to adapt to the new sanitary context.

After handing over its self-assessment report, the Medecine faculty received a visit of the experts appointed by the AEQES for an initial assessment. First planned in March 2021, the visit eventually happened in October because of the Pandemic as well.


A planning has recently been approved by the AEQES and ARES for the programs assessment for the period 2022-2028.  

See the calendar 2022-2028.