Application and enrolment procedure for students with a Bachelors or equivalent


Picto Belgique

for students with a Bachelors from Belgium

For more information, visit the web page in French.


Picto international

for students with a bachelors from outside Belgium

1. Complete the application form

The deadline to submit the online application form is:

  • 31st of March: for student from outside of the European Union


>>>    Application form   <<<


2. Wait for the acknowledgement of receipt


3. The University analyses your case

If your application is accepted, you will receive

  • an enrolment form;
  • a reply by mail including:
    • an acknowledgement of receipt accompanied by a list of documents required for the continuation of the registration process and (if necessary) a document permitting you to obtain a study visa;
    • access codes to the University’s computer resources, including an email address. It is via this email address that you will receive the documents relating to your registration, details of how to pay, and other practical information relating to the academic programme.

4. Pay the registration fees

Once your registration fees have been paid and all administration is complete, you will receive by email the following documents (depending on your situation):

  • a document required to obtain reduced-price train passes
  • a document required for family allowance benefits (if necessary)
  • practical information regarding the collection of your student card (as early as possible in September)
  • any certificates of full-time attendance which may be necessary (sent by post on request).


5. Visit the Admission Service

Please visit the Admission Service as soon as you arrive in Belgium.


Admission Service

Rue de Bruxelles, 85 - 5000 Namur (Belgium)
Tel. +32 81/72 4017