Deadline for payment and refund of registration fees

Payment deadline

The arrangements for the year 2023-2024 are provided subject to changes in current higher education legislation.

a) Regular students


All students are requested to pay the registration fee by the start of the academic year on 14 September 2023 in order to be included in the list of learning activities in time.




However, payment of fees for regular registration can be made in two stages:

  • 50€ for the 31 October                          
  • The balance for the 1st February


Students who have paid a 200€ administration fee at the time of application and are admitted are no longer required to pay the 50€ deposit, as the 200€ is automatically deducted from the registration fee.

It should be noted that any payment made after the deadline will have the following consequences:

  • 50€ deposit not paid by 31 October: non-confirmation of the application for the academic year.
  • Balance not paid by 1st February: the student will no longer have access to learning activites, will not be able to be deliberated and will not be able to benefit from deferrals or credit enhancement, but will still be consiedered as having been enrolled for the academic year 2023-2024 (the year will be taken into account as a failure). In addition, the student will remain liable for the balance of his/her debt.

b) Students and free auditors

The full registration fee must be paid by:

  • 30th November for registrations validated before 31th October;
  • 31th March for registrations validated between 31th October and 28th February.
In the event of non-payment within the required period, registration for individual courses will be automatically cancelled.

Payment methods

Preferably by bank transfer, an invitation to pay is sent on the student mail.

By bank card or credit card (at the registration office).

If the student does not have a bank account in Belgium or a credit card, by payment at a post office (post offices near UNamur).

Refund of registration fees in case of cancellation by the student

An enrolment can be cancelled at the express request of the student (and notified via the specific form) before 1st December.

if the student wishs to withdraw from the course after 1st December, the full registration fee remains due.

Cancellation as an unattached student or auditor does not give rise to any refund.