Specialised masters


The University of Namur organises the following specialised masters :

Fully taught in EnglishThe objective of the programme is to train students in International and Development Economics and help them to become qualified actors in the field of economic development in the context of an integrated world economy.

The courses taught are structured around two main themes: macroeconomic policies and economic development including its institutional aspects.

The language of instruction is English.

A programme to master all aspects of Internet law on a national, European and international level. 

This programme develops the students' skills in Business Analysis (the analysis and modeling capabilities required to develop innovative IT projects that are in line with the strategy of the company) and IT governance skills (the ability to define and set up an IT strategy in all its technological, organisational, commercial and financial complexity).

Our social, economic, political and technological worlds are in a constant state of evolution. Workers need to develop new skills, and their supervisors must be able to support them in this permanent adaptation to change, in the creation of tools and in innovation.

But teams which are not supported and accompanied in this task regularly experience exhaustion and distress at work.

In fact, many supervisors must take on this support role with neither preparation nor training in the skills required.

Our specialised master, led by Belgian and international experts, aims to respond to this growing need and offers trainers, team leaders, counsellors, etc. the opportunity to learn how to support their teams and the professionals who make up those teams.



The University of Namur also organises the following specialised masters together with other universities :