What you want

  • To acquire expertise in the two major directions of chemistry today:

    • biochemistry: the chemical aspects of biology and pharmacology;

    • the chemistry of new materials with important implications in the fields of surfaces and nanomaterials;

  • To gain insights into other disciplines – physics and biology in particular – from a perspective of multidisciplinary research and applications;
  • To take a degree with a pronounced experimental dimension (essential for your career prospects) while also pursuing a rigorous training in theoretical chemistry.



  • Structured into modules based on advanced courses in the department’s two research orientations:
    •  biochemistry (protein engineering, drug design strategy, etc.),
    •  chemistry of materials (surface chemistry, micro- and nanoscopy of materials, etc.);
  •  Complemented with training in research:


    • practical assignments offering an introduction to research in the department’s different laboratories,
    • a dissertation for which the work is done in one of the research laboratories;
  • Made real by integration into the world of employment: at the end of your studies (the final term), you go on an internship, usually abroad;
  • Offers a choice between one of the following three orientations:
    • Research masters
      Gives you training in scientific research in the fields of supramolecular and biomolecular chemistry, the chemistry of surfaces and theoretical chemistry and includes a three-month internship in a university or industrial research centre;
    • Specialised masters in “chemistry in business”
      Enables you to enter the world of business (three-month internship in industry), extend your knowledge through introductory courses in economics, management and patents and improve your command of English or Dutch;
    • Teaching masters

      Training to teach at upper secondary level via the AESS programme.

    • Master in Chemistry, Research focus

    • Master in Chemistry, Teaching focus

    • Master in Chemistry, Professional focus