C a r e e r   o p p o r t u n i t i e s

It is difficult to find a product or an object in our everyday lives with which a chemist has not been involved at some stage of its development, production or assessment: packaging, drugs, dyes, perfumes, computer parts, etc.  In short, ‘Chemistry is life’, as proclaimed by Essenscia, the Belgian federation of the chemical industry and life sciences.

In Belgium, the chemical industry employs around 90,000 people directly and several hundred thousand indirectly.  According to Essenscia, there could be as many as 20,000 job vacancies in the next ten years.  Chemists – Masters or Doctors – contribute to the research and development of new products and processes, to their production, in accordance with current quality standards, and finally to their launch and marketing.

The majority of chemistry graduates from UNamur enter the world of industry in one of four sectors:

  • basic chemistry: exploitation and/or production of raw materials;
  • parachemistry: consumer products such as cosmetics and cleaning products;
  • the pharmaceutical industry: drugs for human or animal use;
  • transformation chemistry: rubbers, plastics.

Some find employment abroad.

Besides research and development laboratories, other areas of the chemical industry are open to Masters and Doctors of Chemistry: quality control, sales and marketing, regulatory affairs (new product registration), patents, etc.