Encouraging biodiversity

Vauban - Bon PasteurBiodiversity and conviviality near the vauban auditorium

This project, supported by the Assembly of Project Student residences (Kots à projets), is part of an initiative to create a conviviality zone near the buildings housing the fifteen or so UNamur student residences, near the Vauban amphitheatre.

SwiftApus on campus

The decline of black swift (Apus apus) populations has been observed in Wallonia for the past thirty years. On the initiative of members of the Laboratory of Evolutionary Genetics and Ecology (LEGE), and in collaboration with the non-profit organisation Natagora.

BeeMay'AGE: an apiary in the city  

Respect for ecosystems through sustainable and local food is at the heart of this project, initiated within the Service for Life on the campus (VéCU - Carmel project) and supported by the General Assembly of Students (AGE). The objective is to transform the garden of the Carmel in Jambes, which is a student residence, into a flower meadow and an apiary,  favouring an indigenous and endangered species of bee (Apis mellifera mellifera).

More information about these 3 CanDLE 2021 projects is avaialble here...

The Haugimont estate