The discovery of exoplanets has opened a new field of research in astronomy. To date, thousands of extrasolar planets have been detected, and among them at least 500 multi-planetary systems. EXTRA research team addresses the formation, evolution and habitability of these systems, focusing on dynamical aspects that play a crucial role in determining the systems architecture.

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EXTRA research team is part of the naXys Research Institute (Namur Institute for Complex Systems) of the University of Namur. Our research is supported by


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Oct. 2020: A.-S. Libert is named NARC (Namur Research College) fellow for two years. Many thanks to UNamur for the unfailing support.

Sep. 2020: Jean Teyssandier and A.-S. Libert are coveners of the "EXO1: Formation and evolution of extrasolar systems" session at EPSC 2020.

Jan. 2020: A.-S. Libert is IAU NAEC member (National Astronomy Education Coordinator) for Belgium.