Welcome to the Faculty of Arts !


Our pledge to future generations

  « It takes a lot of learning before you know how to ask what you do not know » Jean-Jacques Rousseau – Extract from Julie ou La nouvelle Héloïse

The Faculty of Arts and diversity go very well together. We offer anything ranging from philosophy, history and art history to Romance and Germanic languages. All these subject areas have common goals though: we endeavour to help students think and write analytically, acquire knowledge and organize it coherently, interpret written as well as spoken discourse and art works, and last but not least, understand human societies through their history.

In the Faculty of Arts, we strongly believe in the correlation between continuous assessment, individualized guidance and outstanding academic and human achievement. Our students are thus tutored in small groups and benefit from constant academic, moral and logistic support from staff members and fellow students alike. We try to promote a positive attitude towards learning and research, both of which admittedly require a substantial amount of time and intellectual effort. We are equally committed to lifelong learning, and thus offer many opportunities for the professional development of our alumni.

In his book « Le Capital-Lettres ou les littéraires dans l’entreprise, » which  considers the specific contribution that « intellectuals » can make to the business community, Alain Etchegoyen lists the strengths of arts students. Some of these are generally associated with more scientific profiles: intellectual rigor, methodology, ability to think analytically, synthetically and in abstract terms.  Yet arts students also have additional strengths:  they develop an awareness of reality that leaves room for complexity and uncertainty; they are also open to all other areas of expertise, and are able to put everything into perspective, with a special emphasis on meaning, language and cultural aspects.

One of the most fundamental aspects of Life is the unexpected, which forces us to adapt if we want to progress. Both the heart and the mind need to be educated to make this possible. So why don’t you join us with your own questions, enthusiasm and aspirations, and we will try to work together to bring your project to a happy conclusion. We want to walk the path to knowledge, academic achievement and personal fulfilment with you.

Why not start by visiting our website, or better still, contact us the good old way for a more personal discussion.

David Vrydaghs,
Dean of the Faculty of Arts