Drivers / Car owners

Parking in Namur, driving licence and registration of your car in Belgium.

Parking lots at the University

You can apply for a free parking card to Mrs Pauline Antoine (). The parking lot where you will be authorised to park your car is located at the Rue Henri Lemaître.

Parking in the city

Many parking zones, with different and complicated rules and rates, are defined throughout the city. Full details are explained here:

You can request to pay for an inhabitant parking permit ("carte de riverain") at the Town Hall. For example, this card costs 80€ a year in ticket parking zones ("zones horodateur") and 10€ in disc parking zones ("blue zones").

Driving  licence (Permis de conduire)

Driving licences delivered in the following countries (see link below) are not recognised in Belgium. If your driving licence was delivered in one of these countries, you have to exchange it at the Town Hall (Service Permis de conduire).

You must:

  • be registered in Belgium;
  • have your Belgian identity card;
  • have obtained your driving licence before your arrival in Belgium.

Cost: 25€

You can find out whether or not your driving licence is recognised here:

Registering your car in Belgium !

Only in the case you had your own car before your arrival and you want to use it during your stay in Belgium.

The procedure is as follows:

In order to register your car you must be registered at the National Registry, which implies having a National Register Number.

Here are the necessary documents for imported European vehicles:

  • The registration certificate (US: car license number certificate) of the country of origin
  • It is advised to have the Certificate of European Conformity (as a copy, with the request)
  • The invoice of purchase (as a copy, with the request)


1. Pay custom duties (label 705). Here’s the number for customs in Brussels.

2. Go to car safety inspection for technical check (UK: MOT)

3. Place the sticker from the insurance agent and his signature on the request for registration.

To be submitted at the office of the DIV with the request for registration: (see days of presence of customs officers):

  • The original registration certificate from the country of origin
  • It is advised to have the certificate of conformity (as a copy, with the request)
  • The invoice of purchase (as a copy, with the request for registration)

You have the option to send the documents by post, knowing that there will be a delay of approximately two weeks, or the option of taking it directly to a desk at the DIV office. If the papers are urgent it is obviously advisable to take the second option.

Contact number for the "Région Wallone": 081.330.001


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