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Visa application
In which situation you need it and how to get it.
Contribution for visa long stay - D (redevance)
Single permit and single permit extension
Only for work contract owners.
Work contract
In application when you earn a salary.
Hosting agreement (Convention d'accueil)
Residence permit
For all stays of more than 3 months.
"Déclaration d'arrivée" (Declaration of arrival)
Only for Non-EU nationals in short stay.
"Déclaration de présence" (Declaration of presence)
Only for EU nationals in short stay.
Annexe 33
Only for students from a country bordering Belgium (France, The Netherlands, GD of Luxembourg, Germany) for a one year stay maximum.
Long term resident status
Namur City Hall
How to make an appointment and other useful tips.
Modèle de formulaire standard (Annexe 1)
Only for PhD students.
Grant agreement
In application for grantholders.
Passport photo size
Legalisation of documents
In which situation do you need to legalise documents and how to apply for?
Student's card
National number
Lost or stolen documents
Useful tip: It isn’t easy to remember to have all needed documents with us at all times. It is advised to make photocopies or to scan all documents and to leave them in a safe place, and/or save them on a server (not on mobile phones, i-pods, i-pads, or laptops).
Sworn translators and authenticated copy of documents

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