Diploma equivalence for your child

Enrollment at a school for your child or for yourself will require a procedure that recognizes the equivalence of diplomas.

For all cases, this request of equivalence must be submitted to the "Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles" by the school where the enrollment takes place. You will therefore need to come with all the required documents on the day of enrollment, or within as short a period as possible.

You will find information, in French, on the website: http://www.equivalences.cfwb.be/

In short, these are the required documents for most cases:

  • A child enrolled in pre-school: not applicable
  • A child enrolled in primary: reports from previous years + a certificate of attendance
  • A child enrolled in secondary: the original of the birth certificate, reports of the last three years, original document proving payment for administrative expenses (not the same as the actual cost of enrollment)

A child enrolled at university or university-level higher school

Request to be introduced before 15th July.

End of secondary Diploma + statement listing all grades, original of the birth certificate, letter of motivation or filled-in form of motivation, original of the document proving payment for the expenses of the processing of documents.

For students having gone through schooling outside the European Community, proof of access to higher studies is also required.

For Enrollment for a PhD, see: http://webapps.fundp.ac.be/doctorat/login.php?langue=en


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