Students who took an ELV language course can obtain a certificate of achievement from their teacher.

To get a certificate of your level in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, you can take a test organized by a recognized body. Here is a list by language:




TestCEFR levelObjective


Goethe-Test Pro

A1 - C2

Studying in Germany

Professional integration

TestDaF B2 - C1 Studying in Germany


A1 - C2 Studying in Germany

British English

TestCEFR levelObjective

Cambridge Assessment English

including Linguaskill and IELTS
A1 - C2 Internationally recognized by schools, universities and recruiters

American English

Test                                        CEFR levelObjective
TOEFL A1 - C2 Studying abroad in English


Test                                        CEFR levelObjective
DELE A1 - C2 Studying / working in Spain


Test                                        CEFR levelObjective
CNaVT A2 - C1 Different profiles, including “higher education”
ITNA B2 - C1 Higher education in Flanders
Selor B1 - C1 Working for the federal administration