C a r e e r   o p p o r t u n i t i e s

Graduates of the Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management find employment in all areas of society.  Most work in the service industry, particularly banks, insurance companies and consultancy firms, or in industry and the distribution sector.  Many find roles in local, regional or national government services, as well as in international organisations (IMF, European Union, etc.).  The non-profit sector (healthcare, NGOs, etc.) and teaching are also significant areas of employment.

So what do these roles, carried out in such diverse sectors, have in common?  They all require an excellent analytical mind, effective communication, and particularly a desire to learn, as a manager is often required to continue learning throughout his or her career.  A knowledge of foreign languages and international openness are also important assets for many professions.

Graduates of the UNamur Master in Management are clearly appealing to the job market, as almost 90% of students find their first job within 3 months of graduating.