Corporate Mobility Plan (CMP)

Aiming at a sustainable campus in substance and form! This is the UNamur’s will through the Univers2025 strategic plan. The Corporate Mobility Plan (CMP)  is the first milestone to be taken on the way to more sustainable mobility. This is a vast project which concerns us all and which requires your collaboration to guarantee its success!

A mobility study had already been carried out internally in 2017 and had led to an ambitious action plan. Five years later, the UNamur calls on Traject, a specialized study office, whose mission is not only to propose new actions based on an in-depth study of our mobility, the context of our institution and the new environmental challenges, but also to provide support in their implementation.

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To learn all about this CMP, read on.

Who are Traject?

Traject specializes in mobility and particularly in “change management”. They have been supporting behavioral change in the field of mobility for almost 30 years.

In all the projects they lead, they apply these three elements:

• Tailor-made: each structure is different and has its own constraints. No action is therefore replicable as such. These specificities must be identified for the project to bear fruit.

• The project must be supported both by the design office but also and above all by the working group. The project must be co-constructed and shared. This is how its continuity will be ensured.

• The active participation of staff, the most transparent communication possible and awareness of the theme will lead to significant support for the project and therefore a consequent change in behavior.

These elements will constitute 3 important drivers during this project.

What is the mission of the design office?

The objective is to support the UNamur in the construction of its travel plan, in the identification and implementation of mobility measures specific and targeted to the profile of the University and its employees in order to encourage them to travel more sustainably.

This plan will provide:

• a diagnosis, a mobility profile and a SWOT analysis of the current situation;

• a survey of all staff to identify and understand mobility practices and needs at the University;

• an action plan and evaluation criteria. It will allow the University to move up a gear to offer alternatives to the car, make traffic flow around campus more fluid and reduce its carbon impact.

Planned steps and deadlines

CMP schedule

How to collaborate? The survey!

An email will be sent on September 26 to all UNamur employees with a URL link giving access to the Traject survey tool: Survey Any Place. The estimated time to complete this survey will be 10 minutes. The collaboration of each of you is essential for the success of the project. Don't hesitate to talk about it around you to motivate your colleagues if you want the actions that will result from this action to best meet your expectations.

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Regarding the protection of your data, don't worry, everything is GDPR compliant. For more information, click here.

The steering committee

In order to ensure the implementation of this plan, a steering committee has been created and is composed of:

  • the Vice-Rector for Sustainable Development, Laurent Schumacher;
  • the director of SIGEC, Jean-Henri Rouard;
  • the director of the Human Resources Department, Philippe Lizin;
  • the UNamur mobility expert, Eric Cornélis;
  • the mobility manager of the University, Simon Hauser;
  • representatives of Traject, our design office. Also regularly invited are all people active in mobility at UNamur.

Any questions?

For any questions relating to the company travel plan, send an email to